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Guitar Chords Library 5.8
Guitar Chords Library is an easy to use program for guitarists of all skill levels. Use Guitar Chords Library to assist your guitar work in the following ways:
  • find chords — more than 3000
  • play chords through your soundcard
  • choose from 127 instruments
  • edit, add and delete different modes of play
  • play songs from a Songbook (not possible in other chord finders)
  • tune guitars in a variety of ways
  • compose and play solos
  • hear and see how songs are played through the MIDI Player
  • quickly find a note everywhere on the fretboard
  • quickly define notes using fretboard positions
  • play "in time, all the time" using Metronome Pro
  • more than 6,000 KB MIDI files in ZIP archive (for registered users only)

Find more than 3000 chords; select different play modes for playing chords; listen MIDI files and songs; play songs from the Songbook.

When a song is playing you see the words while hearing the melody. Train with the metronome and the MIDI Player. The Metronome Pro gives you a powerful tool for learning to play "in time, all the time."

The Metronome Pro may be programmed for reproduction of melodies. For programming you can use any note and any instrument. The Midi Player shows you how a song is played. Guitar Chords Library also includes a Chord Construction tool. With this tool you can reconstruct how a chord is formed.

Apply different modes of tuning, using one note, more than one note or any chord. View notes and TAB notation for any chord. Using the Finder you can quickly find all positions of any note on the fretboard, or define the notes using positions on the fretboard.

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How to use Guitar Chords Library
Find chord Select note, select chord.
View variants of current chord Buttons “Previous” and “Next.”
Play chord Button “Play.”
Play Songbook Button “Open Song.”
Tune a guitar Button “Tuner.”
Choose tempo Click right button of mouse.
Play MIDI files Button “MIDI Player.”
To see a song playing Choose Channel in MIDI Player.
Find notes Button “Finder.”
Activate Metronome Pro Button “Metronome.”
Add/delete play modes Move mouse to combo box; click right mouse button.

System requirements

Celeron - 1000 and higher, 128 MB RAM or more, Soundcard, 5MB HDD Free,
Windows 95 / 98 / NT4 / 2000 / ME

All Registered users receive the new versions free-of-charge.

Support for registered users:
All registered users can download new versions free-of-charge online.
Also can download MIDI files in ZIP format ( more 6,000 KB ).

Each month there is a new version. Possible features of future versions may include the ability to build new chords with the ChordMaker.

Download Guitar Chords Library 5.8 Trial (1.2 MB)


Price: only $19.95 U.S.

Order page: English    German    Portuguese    Spanish    Italian    French

30 Day money back guarantee
As a registered user you are entitled to download all future Guitar Chords Library releases free-of-charge

Thanks to, home of Guitar Chords, a Beginner's Guide, for its editorial work.


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